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Ratolest Brno gives children a chance to grow up in functional families and helps young people who have strayed off the straight and narrow. We provide for free professional care to children and young people mostly growing up in dysfunctional families.

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Said about us

“As T-Systems Czech Republic we have decided to support local NGO in every town where we work. In Brno we chose Ratolest, because of all professionals and great people who work there. Together we try to fulfil our motto “Connect unconnected” which we perceive not only as a connection of people to information world, but also as their connection to human society. Ratolest cares after children and young people who are in a sort of way “unconnected” and find themselves outside of society, therefore Ratolest Brno needs our support. “   

Anton Zima, Marketing Specialist, T-Systems Czech Republic