Ratolest Gallery

Ratolest Gallery

At the Ratolest Gallery, you can buy works of both established and unknown artists, mainly from Brno and the surrounding area, who decided to support Ratolest with their work. The main idea of ​​the Ratolest Gallery is to help – by selling and renting artwork to support children, young people and whole families from Ratolest Brno.

We now offer so-called tailor-made exhibitions that are designed for a wide range of customers. It is possible to decorate your own offices, representative spaces, interiors of buildings, households, or hire works for one-time events, balls, weddings, private parties, etc. Any of the paintings can also be purchased separately.

Visit our website www.galerieratolest.cz

What distinguishes Ratolest Gallery from other galleries?

  • The works in the gallery are original and their artistic value is guaranteed.
  • Our prices are set in agreement with an artist who usually donated his or her work as a gift or for a minimum commission to cover costs.
  • By purchasing or renting a work, you will support children and young people in a difficult situation.
  • All proceeds from the sale go to Ratolest Brno.

Ratolest Gallery in brief:

  • 2008 saw the first opening of the Ratolest Gallery
  • over 30 individual exhibitions have taken place in Brno, Prague and Zlín
  • 46 artists involved
  • 150 works of art on offer
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