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“Rugby is a sport where everybody gets their chance. Regardless of your character, age, gender, or your parental status. You cannot buy a spot on the pitch or the respect of your opponent. You must be determined and diligent. You will find both tiny and powerful, fast and slow on all teams. Everyone has their roles and only when they work as a team can they win. We are honoured to be a patron of Ratolest Brno, which promotes similar ideas and values and puts them ​​into practice! “

RC Dragon, a sports team – patron of the organization

“I often find myself thinking about why I’m so lucky to live exactly the way I’ve always dreamed of and feel satisfied with my life. Not all of us start from the same place and it doesn’t seem fair to me. Ratolest Brno brings the starting line a little bit closer, so it’s an honour to be their patron. “

Adam Ondra, world champion in rock climbing – patron of the organization

“I like cooperating with Ratolest, because I like the fact that they try to help where others don’t care. In addition, they are not afraid of innovative and unconventional ideas and projects – today they consider a similar approach and courage to be very important. I certainly keep my fingers crossed for them in the future, and I’m glad to have got involved. “

Jan Müller, World Champion in Thai Boxing – patron of the Organization

“Pavlač Club is for me a place where we have long-term professional partners who can provide support and development to children especially from socially excluded localities. I especially appreciate the enormous personal commitment that social workers are giving to work directly with children in public housing where they often do not have even minimal facilities for children’s development activities, and they just have to make do with some basic equipment and a piece of dry land. Our work cannot be done without quality education and expertise, but it is also important to have a great heart and personal conviction about the meaning of this activity. And I firmly believe that this precious quality will continue for us all.”

Bc. Helena Tománková DiS., OSPOD Brno-střed

“Games are played on a computer, but according to firm principles. Adults often fail to comply with their principles for understandable reasons. It is hard to see what is real and what´s not.  It is still important to feel that someone is serious about their work. I want to believe that Ratolest is an oasis of safety in an unreliable world. “

prof. PhDr. Libor Musil, CSc., University professor

“Ratolest Brno returns hope, builds confidence, and gives a new opportunity to those whom others no longer believe in.”

Mgr. Břetislav Štefan, Mayor of Brno-Líšeň

“The motivation for my cooperation with Ratolest Brno is simple. It’s a nice way for me to help someone in my own way. By painting an image that will delight the buyer and at the same time will provide the necessary resources to please and help others. “

MgA. Lukáš Orlit, artist

“Ratolest z.s., offers programs and services that are suitable and beneficial for clients of the Czech Probation and Mediation Service. We have been cooperating with the Ratolest Brno civic association on a long-term basis, since 2006 on a regular basis. Collaboration with Ratolest is one of the most effective tools for working with delinquent youth. We appreciate the great workload of program lecturers who are willing to meet the individual needs of clients and the needs of probation and mediation services. Program workers are able to handle a very diverse group. “

Mgr. Vítězslav Klusák, Head of the PMS CR Center

“In T-Systems Czech Republic, we decided to support a local non-profit organization in every town where we operate. We chose Ratolest in Brno because there are professionals and great people working here. Together we try to fulfil our motto “Connect the unconnected”, which we understand not only as a connection of men to the information world, but also as a connection to human society. At Ratolest Brno, they take care of children and young people who are “unconnected” in a way and are on the outskirts of society and therefore need our support. “

Ing. Anton Zima, Marketing Specialist T-Systems Czech Republic

“In my work, I encounter the consequences of the social exclusion of children and youth. They have a very negative impact on our entire society. Ratolest can effectively act directly in the field and remove the causes, not just the consequences. That’s why they deserve our support. “

Jozef Sedláček, Member of the Brno-Líšeň City Council

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