Mgr. Veronika Tišnovská
Vranovská 4, 614 00 Brno
tel.:  +420 603 506 510

Target group: Children attending NZDM Pavlač combine the environment of socially excluded areas in which they grow up rather than skin colour, even though most of the clients are Roma. The low-threshold club for children Pavlač is attended by children aged 6 to 12 years old, Mladá Pražská klub Pavlač pro mládež is intended for young people from 12 to 21 years old.

Capacity: Maximum of 2 interns per semester for a long-term internship, the number of students for short-term internships depends on the current needs of the facility.

Program conditions: The intern will undergo an individual interview on his/her motivation to participate in the program, on the program objectives and bilateral expectations. Intern leaders reserve the right to accept an intern for a probationary period (the probationary period is determined individually at the first meeting according to the length of the internship), after which the intern’s right to the program should not be accepted because of unfitness for working with clients. Short-term internships (less than 40 hours) do not have a trial period. The trial period is counted as the period of the internship.


Internship description:

  • the intern is familiarized with the program and is allowed to inspect all documents and materials (e.g. program manuals and the registration program) that are not confidential
  • the intern is present at the club (with younger or older children, possible to alternate), assists in organizing and conducting recreational and educational activities
  • according to the decision of the practitioner, he / she may also be present during the individual interviews or when concluding and revising the cooperation agreements (the interests and rights of the client are always taken into account!)
  • regular attendance at interviews with the senior practitioner – required!
  • occasional administrative assistance, errands, preparation of a program for clients, study of professional literature
  • if interested, the intern may visit other facilities on the basis of an agreement with the program managers
  • interns must not be alone with the client without the supervision of a professional
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