Mgr. BcA. Jiří Renza

Psychologist of preventive programs


mobile: + 420 773 838 653


Target group: Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who have come into conflict with the law or whose behavior puts them at risk of doing so.


Long-term internship (maximum 2 – 3 months) – 1 intern / semester



Autumn semester: September – October

Spring semester: February-March

Option for foreign students:

The long-term internship is only available to interns from the Czech and Slovak Republics.


Program terms:

  • Successfully passing through the interview process
  • A degree in social education (psychology, social work, social pedagogy, etc.)
  • A strong motivation to work with this target group
  • A clean criminal record
  • A confidentiality Agreement
  • Intern leaders reserve the right to receive an intern for a trial period of 16 hours, after which the intern’s right to participate in the program is not accepted due to being unfit for work with clients. If an intern passes through a probationary period successfully, he/she is offered further cooperation under a contract already concluded. The trial period is counted as a period of internship.


The organization is not responsible for the insurance of interns.


Internship description:

  • the intern is familiarized with the course and focus of the organization
  • the intern is familiarized with the course and program of probation and preventive programs (target group, methods of working with clients, expert service provision, elements of programs etc.)
  • getting acquainted with collaborating program organizations
  • the intern is familiarized with the administrative agenda for the programs
  • anonymized client casuistry
  • regular attendance at interview meetings with senior practitioners
  • possible participation in direct work with clients – after individual agreement with the senior practitioner, with the client’s consent
  • if the intern is interested, it is possible to visit other facilities on the basis of an agreement with the program managers
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