More informations for clients NK Likusák

What can you do in a club, on a street or on-line?

  • We can discuss and help with work and temporary jobs, school, family, relationships, drugs, courts, debts, or talk to you about everything that interests you and that you may need at the club, on the street and online.
  • It is possible to spend time together both in the club and on the street (playing football, computers, games etc.).
  • At the club, we watch films, we organize events with you and invite interesting people to discuss various topics with them.
  • Everything is free and anonymous.

Our Rules in the Club in Líšeň:

  • No drugs: prohibiting the use, trafficking, and manipulation of legal and illegal drugs in and around the club
  • No aggression: prohibition of verbal and physical aggression, bullying
  • No sex: a ban on sexual intercourse on the club’s premises
  • No damaging of club equipment

Our rules in the streets:

  • No aggression: a ban on verbal and physical aggression against workers
  • No damaging equipment

Your rights in the club and on the street:

  • Right to respect including opinions, attitudes, appearance
  • The right to anonymity, workers are bound by secrecy
  • The right to engage in making decisions about how the service should work better
  • Use equipment and service offerings
  • The right to help workers
  • The right to complain and the right to a fair hearing of a complaint
  • The right to equal access
  • The right to terminate a contract at your own demand
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