Volunteer center

At the Volunteer Centre we provide information and services to people interested in volunteering in Brno and connect them with organizations that have the desire and willingness to involve volunteers in their activities. Our Volunteer Centre focuses on helping with social services – children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with health or social disadvantages.

Volunteers have a coordinator who provides training, counselling, legal services and insurance for them. The Volunteer Centre is accredited by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

“No good deed, no matter how small, is ever unnecessary.” – Ezop

We offer to volunteers:

  • information and advice for volunteers
  • mediation of volunteer offers in the field of social services
  • professional background for volunteers (information and legal service, insurance, training and courses, professional support in volunteering)
  • individual meetings with a coordinator as well as group meetings for volunteers
  • educational events, informal meetings.

I want to join as a volunteer.

We offer organizations:

  • consulting services for introducing or changing the system of work with volunteers
  • broadcasting of accredited volunteers according to valid legislation (training of volunteers, arranging necessary administration, including insurance for damage on property or health, etc.).

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We offer schools and the public:

  • the promotion of volunteering among the general public – educational talks and lectures.

If you would like to organize a lecture or discussion on this topic, where you will be able to get acquainted not only with the theoretical information about volunteering in social services but also with the practical part of this activity, please contact us!


The Ratolest Brno Volunteer centre is run with the financial support of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and the Statutory City of Brno. Partner logos HERE.


Statistics of the Volunteer Centre can be found in the Annual Reports.

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